Mothers Day Post


Mothers day today! Time to celebrate my mom for a moment.

In one sentence, I could honestly say that she is awesome. But my mom is such an amazing person it’s hard to describe what awesome means in one sentence. Or several. But try I shall.

My mom is smart, funny, emotional, and opinionated. Very opinionated (I mean she’s an ENTP which should be completely understood if you talk to her for 5 seconds). The MBTI test said that it would take roughly 12 minutes to complete. My mom took 5 minutes, knowing almost every answer instantaneously. So when I say opinionated, you can understand what I mean.One cannot just walk by her without noticing something amazing about her. That is, if she doesn’t stop you to complement you. She loves people, and really enjoys spending time with them. I’m fascinated with how much energy she has, (how she could possibly find the time for all these people).

Not only that, but she’s a writer. An amazing one at that. And an extremely brave one. She fearlessly brings her rough/once edited drafts every month to writers group, when I’m so critical of my quadruple edited version. Somehow she makes hers feel nothing like a rough draft.

My mom is also wickedly cool. She is a fangirl and is right beside me watching my shows or grinning at Benedict Cumberbatch or any of the other plethora of actors I love. She loves most of the movies I enjoy. There are times when I wonder who is the bigger fangirl. Then I realize that she doesn’t binge like I do so….We also share the love of the same music, so much so that she is often asking me what band or song is being played. Not only that, but she fuels my passions. My love for writing, my fascination for stories, and my weirdness with everything else has been strengthened by her. She read to me when I was little, she builds up my passions by giving me things that remind her of my fandoms. 

She loves stories, and loves to talk for hours but she also listens too. For someone who is not afraid of speaking in public, I have seen that she will be silent and let me rant when she thinks I need to. She is so passionate about life and all of its infinite mysteries, so inspired and honest with the world. She truly is an inspiration to me, and, because she is so very willing to share herself with the world, she should be praised and appreciated for everything that she is.

For, above all else, she’s my mom, and I wish to always see her smile and happy, and no matter what, that will always be important to me,

Thanks to my mother, I have been exceedingly blessed and am humbling praising God for her everyday.

In Hebrew, Patricia means “noble”, which is certainly fitting for her. Her middle name means “grace” or “God has favored me.” Well, I know why that’s my middle name. I have been blessed with an awesome family and an truly incredible mom.

-Mom (center) with my dad and me.