Review of Tethered World Chronicles

       Trolls, Gnomes, Dwarves, Oh My!

      This is a Mostly Non-Spoiler Review so be careful if you haven’t read any of the books yet!

When I picked up The Tethered World, purchased at the book signing held by my dear friend Heather Fitzgerald (yeah, I know the author and I’ll be bragging about it ’till the dragons come home), I wasn’t sure what to expect. Some of it had been read at the Manent Writers Group she and I were a part of, but a handful of chapters in no way reflects the entirety of the book.

So, at the small coffee shop where Heather was signing Book 1, I opened the book and journeyed through the eyes of Sadie Larcen to a different world, one I hadn’t expected I would ever discover. I quickly found a corner and continued to read, finding myself unable to put it down, even when my parents were telling me we had to go.

The Tethered World Chronicles have been with me for almost a year now, a very long and hectic one. A couple of days ago, late, late in the night, I finished The Genesis Tree, the final installment of the series and was left reeling, wondering what to do next. For me, reading some books transports me to the land and when it’s over…mixed feelings abound. On one hand, once you enter a land you never truly leave, yet on the other the argument can be made that the moment you read the last word on the last page of the final book, you have to depart. Deal with the ending, force yourself to return to the human world, promising to return as soon as you can. But it is over and, while you can always return, it’s never through the same door you entered. Some series I have never finished because of that reason, and I nearly wanted to do the same with Genesis Tree but the curiosity was too overwhelming.

In three books so many things are discovered, revealed, broken and healed. In Book 1 Sadie learns of the Tethered World, a place below earth where all manner of mythical creatures abound. In Book 2, the Larcens return to the world to save the day dealing with some betrayals and unlikely friendships along the way. In Book 3, the story has to wrap up; threads have to be cut, plot arcs have to be resolved and characters have to deal with consequences and somehow it all has to tie into a big, beautiful bow that has to mean something.

So, the burning question…did it? With a resounding yes. The Genesis Tree is probably my favorite of the series because of this. Somehow, along with several twists and shocking turns, everything makes sense. It’s conclusive, it’s dramatic and it’s climatically satisfying. Without spoiling anything, I can say that this was shocking, funny, and at times truly heartbreaking. It was brilliant and beautiful, keeping me awake late into the night turning page after page. So many things to love in this: the character arcs, the relationships( including friendships, betrayals, and budding romance), the both shocking and anger- inspiring villains, and the themes of faith and loyalty especially poignant in this one, make this story well worth the time to read. This one is darker, but I think better for that. Both darkness and light are showcased brilliantly here, and this story is somehow both bleak night and bright dawn.

Heather L.L. Fitzgerald is an amazing author and an awesome friend, who somehow knows how to weave a brilliant tale that seems effortless. I do hope she writes a large stack of other stories of other worlds (or who knows, maybe the same one) that reaches high and infinitely wide.

I am a traveler, stepping through door after door of endless stories in all forms of the telling, albeit mainly in book form. In some, if not the majority, I leave little pieces of my soul, picking up wisps of characters and filling in the gaps with them. When I entered the Tethered World and the odd and complex lives of the Larcens, I never expected to leave anything behind. Yet indeed I have, replacing it with a small part of Brady (the eldest brother in the Larcen clan) and a bit of Vituvia for good measure.

I’m glad to have been a wanderer in the beautiful and awesomely awesome Land of Legend and hope to return soon…through another door, fully prepared to leave another bit of myself searching for the first part I left behind. Although I’ll probably just manage to pick up a piece of the world instead.


Here are some of my favorite quotes of book 3 in meme form. Below that you can find links to all the books so you can traverse through the land yourself. You can find Heather at and on all her social media handles. If you really like these stories check out Amy Larcen’s blog or Sadie’s Pinterest




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