Year in review:

Popular Meme of 2017, so why not make my own?


When I started this year, I had a few goals in mind: Get a job, finally finish Full Moon Chronicles Book 1 and start my social media presence.

Well, I did two of those things. I started this blog, got on most social media platforms and also I got a job. A few small ones and one with a salary. It was named Movie Tavern, or as my coworkers described it, a crash course to being a server. And it was insane. Insanely fun, in how exciting it was working with people I liked to talk to who liked to talk to me. But it was also insanely… insane. For me, being an introvert who keeps to herself and only gets tired out at small dinner functions, to serve dozens of strangers a week was a challenge to be sure. But I’m definitely happy I did it. I learned a lot, and grew as a person, learning how to roll with the punches and deal with whatever came.

Sadly, though, one of my goals did not get accomplished. I never did finish Full Moon Chronicles. It sat beside me, only 5 chapters completed, not forgotten as I worked on project after project. When I first started the Manent Writers Group, I had stated that my goal was to have my book completed by the age of 21. But not everything works out the way you want it as is providence.

For I also did a lot more than my three goals. I joined a blog/website and helped them with their blog. I published two stories in their online magazine. And I also joined a writing contest for a Snow White retelling.

My Snow White retelling: A Rose By Another Name, was a big challenge for me to write. Not only was it on a deadline (the first one I’ve had for a story) but it was a new genre with a new set of characters, research, and set word count. But, somehow, I did it all. I wrangled in my characters and wrote a story in 7 months. And so, in a way, I did finish a book this year.

My Self-Made Book Poster

Manent Writers Group was, yet again, a thrilling experience. I was able to work through and edit my western during that time, accordingly killing two birds with one editing stone.

This year was full of new books and movies to enjoy. I read several Stephen King and A Clockwork Orange which was incredibly profound and complex. I also started the long journey through Tolkien’s Beowulf and Gilgamesh, both of which I enjoyed thoroughly (although I’m still working through Beowulf with the commentary).
A dear friend of mine was kind enough to lend me a stack of Band of Brothers books, which have kept me busy and happy in my slow moments at work and life. Also, I got to finish the wonderful series Tethered World which was so incredible and heart-rending beautiful.

Movies came galore this year as well. What with Hitman’s Bodyguard, Logan and the new Thor as amazing comic book movies, and Blade Runner 2049, Gifted, It, Beauty and the Beast and The Man Who Invented Christmas were all notable awesomeness that I enjoyed lots.

Compilation of my favorite movies of the year

This year I also started Fringe and New Girl, one a comedy that put me into giggles long after the episode was over, and the other, a dark sci-fi X-Files 2.0 with a character I fell in love with since the first scene. I’ll leave you with your deductions as to which one is which. (Speaking of Sherlock, Season 4 was heavenly and I got to see the finale in theatres which was so amaze).
Also, not to rant, but Merlin is such an underrated show and I’m constantly caught between rewatching it and dealing with the pain or not suffering. It really makes the phrase “suffer but be happy about it” come to life.

I also planned my first event alone (yes the tea parties were an event but that was a much larger affair) a Princess Bride in theatres event that was so fun! Due to one friend having to see it early, I got to see it twice!

I also got to go to Kansas, a personal dream of mine, to stay with my best friend for a couple of weeks. And we went to the city the Winchesters built (jk) and saw Lawrence and Stull Cemetary or the home of the apocalypse.

Overall this year was a hectic one, full of laughs and tears, memorable moments and ones I’d rather forget. But it was a good year, and I’m happy for it.

Now onto 2018! A new year full of opportunity! I have decided to finally figure out my goals for 2018 and not just flail about like a leaf on the wind (watch how I -I’m sorry I’ll stop. It’s always gonna be too soon for that.) Some realistic goals for me would be to finish some books I’ve been working on, write a new one and read a few as well. I’m also hoping to publish two also. Maybe also write those fanfics I’ve been putting on hold. Going to a few cons, including a Supernatural one finally seems like it may happen in 2018.

Now some unrealistic goals might be to visit the set of Supernatural or travel to New Zealand or London. Or to start a radio show. Or get Nicholas Hoult to narrate my books. Yeah okay that might be a stretch.

We shall see. We…shall…see.

What goals do you have? Any crazy ones? Share below in the comments! And if you liked this please subscribe for more content!

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